Paradigm Theatre Company

2012-2013 Season

'The Many Faces of Love'

Spring Fever!: a short play fest

20th-25th of May, 2014

Tues-Sat @ 7:30pm, Sunday @ 2:30pm

Tickets: £12/10

What does ‘Spring fever’ mean to a playwright?

Dictionary: a feeling of wanting to go outdoors and do things because spring is coming and the weather is getting warmer

Wikipedia: Spring fever is a term applied to several sets of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring. In general it refers to an increase in energy, vitality and particularly sexual appetite, often particularly strong in those suffering from seasonal affective disorder and thus experiencing lows during the winter months.

Urban dictionary: horny

Several writers tackle the theme ‘Spring Fever’ to create an evening of hilarity.

The Mother Monologues: a mother's day event

The 30th of March @ 3:00pm

Tickets: £15


For all the mothers out there--From growing up with a mother, to becoming a mother, to losing a mother, several writers have written personal accounts describing their thoughts and feelings about what ‘mother’ means to them.  Through a series of monologues and duel monologues, this special, one night only event on Mother’s Day, gives a rounded look at matriarchy through the eyes of both men and women in the UK and America.  Sure to make you laugh, cry, or both, The Mother Monologues is a great gift to give your ‘mum’ this Mother’s Day.

A Bad Case of the Mondays!
7 Short Plays on Monday Nights

The 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th of January
Every Monday in January @ 7:30pm
Running time: 1h30 with 15 min interval

Tickets: £12/10

Paradigm Theatre Company takes over the Morris Space at the Park Theatre to present A Bad Case of the Mondays, opening the venue for the first time on Mondays throughout January.

Seven playwrights have penned seven incredibly different and exciting plays using the theme of ‘a bad case of the Mondays’ as their prompt.  

From British Gangsters to underpaid actors to office types who probably aren’t eating what they should be… The seven bite-sized short plays will be staged across each evening - A Bad Case of the Mondays may just turn Monday into the new Friday.

Fresh Off the Boat!
Two One-Act Plays About Immigration

The 8th-12th of October
Tues-Sat 7:30pm & Sat matinee 3pm
Running time: 1h15 with 15 min interval

Tickets £12/10

Taking a look at immigration in the UK through the eyes of two playwrights and two directors. With immigration rules changing on almost a daily basis, racist vans circling North London, and the current government debating Britain's involvement in the European Union, we thought it was the perfect time to explore immigration and provide a platform for our own Artistic Director, who has recently returned to the UK following her own immigration nightmare. Hilarity will ensue! The plays are:

'A Border Story'
By Sarah Pitard
Directed by Eyal Israel
When Brian, who is from the UK, and his American wife are refused their UK marriage visa, they must move to another EU country in order to return to England on a European Economic Area Family Permit. This is a completely autobiographical (and slightly surreal) account of Paradigm's Artistic Director’s own visa nightmare.

'The Utility People'
By Michael Ross
Directed by Cat Robey
When middle class liberals Chloe and Jake discover immigrants living in their utility cupboard, they agree to let them stay in return for doing the cleaning, cooking, and so much more. A completely true story (and not-at-all a ham-fisted allegory) from the UK Home Office files.

The Inappropriateness of Love

By Sarah E. Pitard

Directed by Cat Robey 

Sept. 4th-29th, 2012

The Hen and Chickens Theatre

Scooter, a 28 year old computer programmer, has recently received an invitation to a friends wedding.  He really needs to find a date!  Like a good son, he occasionally calls on his mum, who is busy taking care of her husband with Alzheimer's.  There is also Zoey, Scooter's best friend, an archaeologist, on her way to Turkey to find some peace and quiet.  Next, there is Jessica, a therapist, who is attempting to put her life together after a messy divorce with Darren.  Darren is an older man, who doesn't know who he is or what or who he wants.  He is dating Stephanie, Scooter's colleague, a naive, young woman looking for the perfect man.  The Inappropriateness of Love is a dark comedy about 6 interconnected people, all trying to figure out who they are and what their place is in the game of love.

Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon

Based on and adapted from The Nightengale and the Rose and The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

By Sarah E. Pitard

Directed by Cat Robey

Nov. 6th-25th, 2012

The Waterloo East Theatre

In Germany, 1938, the Gypsy population suffered greatly under the Nazi Regime.  In the first act, Florica, a young Gypsy woman, is desperately in love with Besnik.  However, he is in love with a German girl, Helen, who asks for one gift--the most beautiful rose in the world.  Despite the warnings from her brother, Tomas, Florica makes it her goal to find the perfect rose for her love, even if it means she must suffer the consequences.  The second act centers around an old German man, confined to his wheelchair, and a young gypsy child, Isabella, who is dying from tuberculosis.  Together, the pair go on a mission to help as many people as possible from being carted away to concentration camps.

A Woman of No Importance... Or Somewhat Little Importance Anyhow...

by Katherine Rodden

Directed by Cat Robey

Feb. 5th - 23rd, 2013

The Hen and Chickens Theatre

Lauren, an emotionaly unstable actress in her late twenties is having a career crisis, a mental breakdown, an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and an even less healthy relationship with her parents. When her mother turns up at her door Lauren is forced to play the middle man in her parents relationship. As an unlikey day of events unfold we see Lauren reach her breaking point. A farcical, witty comedy that observes just how insane families really are behind closed doors--even ones that love each other to bits!


By Moliere

Directed by Cat Robey

April 9-27, 2013

The Canal Cafe

A wealthy man, Orgon, befriends Tartuffe, who has presented himself as an extremely devout and pious man, and invites him to come live with him as a moral guide and teacher for his family and household.  Little does he know, Tartuffe has his sights set on Elmire, Orgon's wife, and in the midst of his seduction of her, is promised Mariane, Orgon's daughter's hand in marriage, even though she's already engaged to the young Valere.  Through a series of traps, the family devises a plan to trap Tartuffe at his own game, and prove to Orgon that he's been had! ...This play about hypocrisy and false love is sure to have you rolling in the isles! 

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